Watered Down

“You’re weird.”

So said a friend after I told her the perks of an on-site job included unlimited packets of a cocoa-flavored mix, some beautiful 150 calories of refined sugar and freeze-dried marshmallows that I prefer to eat dry with a spoon, instead of slurping with hot water.

“So weird!”

But I’ve known other people such as she. They are the pious instruction-followers of the world, carefully watering down their lives in measured eight ounces; cautiously stirring so as not to shake up contents, but to homogenize them; blandly digesting nutritional facts because some mass media advised them to; barely tasting, never enjoying their lukewarm chocolate-water…

While I? I feel every sandy-sweet grain of sugar on rubbing between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, gritty-sticking between my teeth; I know the man-manufactured salty-sweetness of the mix; I blend every particle with my mouth’s muscles and gulp it down; I —

— Sometimes get stomachaches.

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