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As Lacoste’s polos perfectly play each season as expected, its show flawlessly met expectations of other big-name Tent action: it started three times as late as its length; between an invite time of 7:00 pm and actual start time of 7:50 pm, a flurry of photographers busied themselves with front rowers, like Lacoste endorsee and ex-Mr. Mandy Moore, Andy Roddick.

Finally lights dimmed to rise again as a blinding white; tea party tunes were skipped as alligators went urban with the usual throbbing, party-mix bass. Striped knee-high socks, Kangol-like caps, and a single when-Michael-was-cool glove played up an ironic street chic over summer-in-Southampton simple. And as retro looks recycle themselves more often than Lacoste’s trademark polos, it’s no surprise that a lot of spring/summer 2006 looked back to, well, just a year ago: cuffed short-shorts only looked fresh as part of hip overalls, and hipster A-line minis floated around the teeny waists of catwalkers, along with bold stripes similar to that of a Sex and the City It dress a la Ella Moss.

But between seasons-ago chic and classic cash cows — like always alligator-stamped polos and windbreakers, baggy men’s button-downs and V-neck sweaters for the girls, second-skin cardigans for the men — were highlight pieces that shown brighter than Lacoste’s glowing use of neon red. A navy- and white-striped kimono robe — worn like a belted mini dress — was perfect East greets West, a belted trench — or was it a little wrap dress? — should be The Coat for spring, and a droopy cowl-neck hoodie may lead to the boycott of its plain Jane zip-up sweat cousin.

The score? Somewhere between an ace and love, love. It was hard to tell if the audience gave a standing ovation, or was just applauding as it bolted from its seats to the next show.

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  2. Was this fashion clip done in 2004 or 2006 because im doing a project on fashion, and at the moment im in 2004 and i found this on GOOGLE under IMERGES, under 2004 FASHION. Thankyou ever so much! 😀

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