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Tu-Anh handbagTwitching late for an afternoon meeting, second in line for a pending appointment with an administrator, I busied myself on my iBook.

Finally he oozed into the office. “All these ladies, waiting for me? How did I get so lucky?” He turned to me, the only little lady not mooning at him — “What’s that you’re doing?”

“Working,” I replied, without interrupting my manic keyboard pecking.

“What on?”

“Writing,” I said, refusing to be interrupted.

The wrinkled receptionist giggled nervously.

Tu-Anh clutch My twiggy five-foot-nothing frame decorated in silly dresses plays home to a much less frilly personality; sometimes I think I’m a pit bull in a poodle’s body, a Kristopher in a Krissy, or maybe more —

” — an iron fist in a velvet glove,” says designer Tu-Anh, co-founder and namesake of accessories line Tu-Anh. “It’s a description I feel suits my name perfectly. ‘Tu-Anh’ is not a typical name for a girl,” she continues. “Most Chinese and Vietnamese names are of flowers, plants, and gems. ‘Tu-Anh’ means ‘bright and charming;’ a female with this name tends to appear feminine on the outside, but masculine on the inside.”

Fittingly, Tu-Anh’s Vietnamese silk beaded scarf compromises neither beauty nor function, their mother-of-pearl flower necklace is boldly feminine, and their hand-sequinned clutches charm, but are built to last, much —

Unlike my patience, I’m afraid.

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