Gold Metallic Jimmy Choo Bag

jimmy choo bagHere’s to a golden double-oh-seven, ladies:

All sharp shimmers, this golden Jimmy Choo bag is all boss brightness, lighting up your fresh new year.

All glammy glitter, this metallic Jimmy Choo bag is perfectly large and practically luxe so you can rock gorgeously gold from work to play, from nine to five and five to nine.

All solid shine, this gold Jimmy Choo bag is a downtown doll’s shield, mirroring all things mignon, and blinding you to all things unchic –

Including not making your every year smarter.

ยป Metallic Jimmy Choo bag $1,395 via Net-a-Porter

6 thoughts on “Gold Metallic Jimmy Choo Bag

  1. so i love that Jimmy Choo bag.. i think gold is really “in” right now. Though from that picture, it looks silver.. What do you think of Vera Bradley bags?? I totally love them and I think they are the new hot item….

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