For Your Boy: Gold Louis Vuitton Cuff Link

louis vuitton cufflinksIt’s not that you’ve got your boy under lock and key.

Your boy’s his own man, which is the way you want him. He dolls himself up to hustle hard downtown, styles himself right to play smart uptown, he –

Still sometimes wonders whether you prefer his old silver cuff links or the gold Louis Vuitton cuff link you gorgeously gifted him?

Slip on his Louis Vuitton cuff links before you kiss him off to work, and consider getting yourself a matching pair of lock and key Louis Vuitton cuff links.

Because when he gets home, you need to know how to fix your TiVo.

ยป Lock and key Louis Vuitton cuff link $420 via eLUXURY.

4 thoughts on “For Your Boy: Gold Louis Vuitton Cuff Link

  1. Those looks classy but you know what? If I get one, before I even noticed… the lock itself is gone and the stuff in the lock is still there… now that will be funny!

  2. Cuff links are great accessories, some of them are very lavish and they bring a classy look to your outfit. They may be small accessories but they can change the appearance of your attire completely.

  3. The fact that one can get something exotic for his man and herself is a perfect way to enjoy this types of cuff links. Since cuff links are also being made with exotic stones and great designs, choosing the best for yourself and your man can definitely change your looks.

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