Top Five Bags for Spring 2007

Every year we ladies ought to upgrade our arm candy. So consider going hottie hunting for a new boy, and –

Check my top five bags for spring of double-oh-seven.

nancy gonzalez bag Nancy Gonzalez
Iridescent Python Hobo Bag
Your K loves animals more than PETA, and so, apparently, do most designers this spring. Look for lots of lizards and snakes.
» Python Nancy Gonzalez bag $2,890 via Saks
silver yves saint laurent bag Yves Saint Laurent
Metallic Tote
All solid shine, this bag is a downtown doll’s shield, mirroring all things mignon, and blinding you to all things unchic – including those golden American Apparel leggings.» Silver Yves Saint Laurent bag $1,595 via Neiman Marcus
jimmy choo bag Jimmy Choo
Belted Shoulder Bag
Tan leather with tonal water snake trim, with a wide shape made for wear, this – and a regular cappuccino – is about as rugged as I get.» Belted Jimmy Choo bag $1,690 via Neiman Marcus
marc jacobs bag Marc Jacobs
Quilted Signature Tote
Marc-y Marc Jacobs genius – cheeky chic gone golden.» “Irina” Marc Jacobs bag $950 via Saks
nylon prada bag Prada
Ruched Nylon/Leather Handbag
Easy, everyday shape for power lunching with your boys, a jewel tone for champagne martinis out with your ladies.» Nylon Prada bag $1,650 via Saks

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