Spring 2007 Louis Vuitton Shoes

spring 2007 louis vuitton shoesBelieve it or nay, ladies, but it’s been a few Manhattan minutes since something made your K go –

“Ooh la love.”

The sleek platinum of these spring double-oh-seven Louis Vuitton shoes had me, “Ooh.”

The classic, cross-over slingback of these Louis Vuitton shoes made me drop a “la.”

And the “Louis Vuitton Paris” branded un-oh-so-subtly on a blingy thing of a heel meant “love.”

Or truely “lust.”

That just doesn’t vibe as cheeky chic at the end of your K’s saying.

» Spring 2007 “Santa Barbara” Louis Vuitton shoes $575 via eLUXURY.

13 thoughts on “Spring 2007 Louis Vuitton Shoes

  1. I love how the shoes are named after my temporary hometown (I go to college in Santa Barbara) but the style here is nothing like that.

    They’re still great though – Ooh la love indeed.

  2. YES! that is a lovely pair of shoes, i love the silver shine, shoes will look great with an awesome otfit, ima a guy, and no im not gay, no idea why im into this, its just nice

  3. i really love louis vuitton i have one pair of luis vuitton-rubber shoes and i want to have that style also its verry expensive but its really comfortable to wear and long lasting. very sexy…. i love louis vuitton

  4. hi, does anyone know where I can buy these shoes online with delivery/shipping for Australia/America? I’m desperate for them!!!

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