“Sunset” Gucci Shoe

gucci shoesYour K loves winter sports.

Mini marathons to Starbucks –

Can you do five minutes flat in five-inch Loubies?

Hottie hunting in Central Park –

You sure that guy is gorgeous half-hidden in that Burberry scarf?

And rocking spring double-oh-seven heels when the air is chiller than the double digits. Slip on these horse-bit, “Sunset” Gucci shoes with black Wolford tights, your wooly, littlest black dress, vanilla soy latte-shaded vintage mink, and –

If you’re still too cool to vibe so haute, go chat with that arm candy double checking you and ask him to fix.

ยป “Sunset” Gucci shoes $540 via Bergdorf Goodman.

10 thoughts on ““Sunset” Gucci Shoe

  1. Ehm…I don’t want to sound weird, those shoes are simply amazing, I bought it in this colour, but are so uncomfortable with black heavy tights, are slippery, you don’t have control of your feet and there’s a great risk for your ankles..I find these sooo easy to walk with bare feet, maybe it’s just me…

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