Mary Jane YSL “Tribute” Shoe

ysl tribute shoe
Just in time for summer, Y to the S to the L pimps another tribute to his “Tribute” It shoe —

Classic mary jane in suede piped with patent, Yves Saint Laurent’s “Tribute” mary jane is the perfect platform for me to preach upon: the same ladies paying tribute to YSL’s “Tribute” with waste-of-time wait lists and eBay expeditions will be flattering flats for fall. Less because they can’t watch their walk in a 5½ stilletto — I never noticed your wobbling, no worries, lovely — and more because fashion is really that O. Wildean world in which it’s so ugly they must alter it every six months; they’ve already downgraded from their drainpipe denim they swore they never wore to extra-wide jeans more ill-fitting than ill.

Even when fashion falls back on flats — count to five — I’m staying with stylized stilts.

I’ve always dug drag queen-high heels more out of a masculine lust to tower as tall as possible, and less out of a femme feeling for what other ladies vogue, or even out of vague vanity for my legs.

Though Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent does pay glorious tribute to both.

» YSL “Tribute” shoe $660 via Saks Fifth Ave.

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