Stella McCartney Bag, Metallic Vegan

metallic Stella McCartney bagI love animals more than PETA, so it’s heart-cracking to read about footballer Vick’s dogfighting charges.

Though I’m convinced, should pit bulls ever have the power, they’d pit human against human in a boxing ring for major money entertainment–so it sounds bizarre–my vintage mink coat shed a tear when seeing a photo of a mangled dog (then the tear froze, because the said coat is in storage in downtown, waiting out LA’s ridiculously fabulous weather for a climate more close to the temperature of my heart).

Though I only like Ms. Mac because she makes gorgeous things–if anything, Stella’s promo for PETA made me wrinkle my nose as much as a pair of chunky-heeled Marc-y Marc Jacobs pumps–I’m slapping up this vegan metallic Stella McCartney bag to raise awareness about Vick’s dogfighting charges reaching court today.

Well, plus, the Stella McCartney bag is boss.

ยป Silver metallic Stella McCartney bag $599, Intermix

7 thoughts on “Stella McCartney Bag, Metallic Vegan

  1. I’m a big purse fan, but I think I still prefer the metallic around my neck a la a necklace than on my arm, though I have heard metallics accessories are still the rage this fall, just not there yet myself.

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