Neon Pink Platform Stella McCartney Shoes

stella mccartney shoesFall 2007 should be just as bright as your summer, just as fresh with fun, just as ambitiously arched, just as–

Full of little nude dresses, rocked with four-inch heels. Ms. Mac’s neon pink platform pumps are all slick satin, and super boss. But I love animals more than PETA, so it’s a little hard to bear that these Stella McCartney shoes are made of plants, instead of, to quote the lovely Plumcake, made of “something that once had a mom and a dream.”

But just like you balance hustling smart with playing hard, slip on a vintage leopard-fur muff as a purse to balance your outfit for your p.m. play.

At that vegan cafe.

» Platform neon Stella McCartney shoes $595, Neiman Marcus

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