Devi Kroell Clutch in Wood

Devi Kroell ClutchLife isn’t meant to be boxed, relationships aren’t meant to be stuffed into dull corners, ideas aren’t ink for coward-yellow sticky notes decorating the walls of your cubicle.

Life should be a wide-open frolic ’round a world you build, relationships a cyclical trade of pleasure for pleasure, ideas should make up an ever-evolving rainbow you ride and slide into a pot of gold with.

And the only box you should cherish is a crystal-riddled clutch by Devi Kroell. Wood becomes urbane as a fresh material for evening gear, set off by rectangular crystals as clear as your independent vision, in a rich brown so that the Devi Kroell clutch box is boss with your chocolate mink coat.

When you take yourself on a date to a vegan cafe.

ยป Devi Kroell clutch in wood $1,390 via Net-a-Porter


9 thoughts on “Devi Kroell Clutch in Wood

  1. dude, dukes, you’re a fucking hall mark card. how come there is no cussing int this one though? i might can actually email this to my mom.

  2. I love a woman who carries a clutch. I’m so sick of giant, slouchy status bags. It makes me want to yell “Poser!”. A clutch woman has true style. I like this one, not sure how I feel about the crystals, but I love the wood. Wood in fashion is incredibly chic and minimal….a refined way to make a stylish statement. Nice find.

  3. You don’t have to say fuck to be a lady…I see you’re getting a little existential and I like it…This clutch is genius, way beyond leather and more sustainable, more interesting and ecochic. You have one of the best eyes on the internet…

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  8. Grow up. Get a life! Reminds me of a quote in Dr. Johnson’s biography. The Duke of Northumberland (or some other place-name chosen when knighted) is said to have made fun of Edward Gibbon for spending so much of his time researching and writing “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” by saying, “Scribble, scribble, scribble, eh. . . Mr. Gibbon?

    If you’d like to purchase some of my old socks, I could let them go for around $2000 a pair. They’re really cool. Like in surreal, man.

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