Unearthed Crocodile Cuff

Unearthed Crocodile CuffOne of my fav Manhattan memories? Cuddling in a snow white vintage mink coat, hands toasting in an antique seal fur muff, legs wrapped in leather boots thigh-high, escaping the raw cold in an unnaturally warm restaurant.

That served yuppie vegan food.

I love being on top of the food chain. I order grilled shark at a cafe for the satisfaction of eating something that’d otherwise eat me if it weren’t for my mind, I clutch urbane snaky bags as a primal celebration of conquering Mama Nature, and I adore this Unearthed crocodile cuff as a smart “Fuck you” to a dino-old species that’d make a bracelet out of my albino skin–very exotic for Los Angeles–if it had the brain to do so.

Boss enough for your p.m. play, the ivory crocodile cuff is gloss enough for your business lunch.

The one you’re sure to kill.

ยป Unearthed crocodile cuff in ivory $125, Etsy.com

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