“Fuck You” Shoes vs. “Fuck Me” Shoes

Alberta Ferretti shoes $745, Net-a-Porter.com

Alberta Ferretti Shoes“Fuck you” shoes are heels with an ambitious arch, a solid sole, “fuck you” shoes are a decidedly bold shoe you’ve earned that stands tall alone, figuratively — they’re confident like you — and literally — they style boss with just trashy lingerie.

“Fuck you” shoes mean you’re on top, whether you’re single or partnered.

And “fuck me” shoes?

“Fuck me” shoes are overpriced designer duds inviting you to get fucked by any dude you think might be able to pay off the credit you used to buy the heels.

Can I get a “fuck yeah”?


21 thoughts on ““Fuck You” Shoes vs. “Fuck Me” Shoes

  1. dukes, your “fuck-you” shoes diatribes are getting tired and quite honestly, the whole concept was never that clever to begin with.

    i find your writing style irritating, and the very idea that the persona you cultivate on this blog is truly the way you behave in real life absolutely horrifying, yet i can’t stop reading (as in, i check for updates on a daily basis).

    i love to hate this shit. you win. well done, boss lady. i’ll be back for more.

    <3 <3 <3


  2. Fuck me and Fuck you shoes will always be a fabulous thing…They make us as women feel strong and empowered when we’re dealing with the bs of life and men so I say Yes to both because I will take whatever I can get to be one up on the rest of the world….

  3. Oh Krissi, I don’t care what anybody says, I’m 2 post away to proposin’ marriage. I love your writing and these shoes make me wish for DOMINATRIX SUPREMA to walk all over me. Please don’t let sad aspiring DRAGS(that steel real DRAG names…..ie: Amanda Lepour **keep your day job JA JA**) to keep you from seducing us with your D’Lishuous potty mouth. Now talk dirty to me Suga’

    -Z’maji @ hauteblogxoxo.wordpress.com

  4. Tracy, Tracy love.

    An ambitious arch is so steep an arch that takes major confidence to walk right in the shoe; an ambitious arch on a too-tall heel mimics the wearer’s same life goals; an ambitious arch–

    Is just a semi poetic masturbation for me.

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  10. How about FUCK OFF shoes? Or FUCK THAT shoes? The shoes you wear when youre going to cuss somebody’s ass out!. Or I DON”T GIVE A FUCK shoes. Which are bedroom slippers worn outdoors. Or FUCK IT shoes, which basically tells someone they can kick rocks.

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