Urban Outfitters Jewelry, “I Love You” Necklace

Urban Outfitters Jewelry NecklaceA little lover’s letter held tight in a tiny, golden envelop, its “I Love You” hugging near your heart, this Urban Outfitters Jewelry “I Love You” necklace is so saccharine.

I’m def gifting myself this love letter necklace.

It beats the porn I usually forward to myself.

And paired with a little Al Green on my iTunes–

I’m totally sexing myself tonight.

» Urban Outfitters Jewelry “I Love You” necklace $24, Urban Outfitters.com

10 thoughts on “Urban Outfitters Jewelry, “I Love You” Necklace

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  2. Krissi, Krissi, Krissi, how do you find all these cute little things. I hope all you ladies are getting one of these lovely charms to display upon your bosoms. Don’t forget the strapless bra-apparatus

    -Z’maji @ hauteblogxoxo.wordpress.com

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