Someone Has a Potty Mouth

KRiSTOPHER DUKESI was reviewing my blog stats — I ain’t no housewife in Texas with three cats and a Hewlett Packard — when I noticed an interesting trend about what people search for to arrive at KRiSTOPHER DUKES the dot-com (not the girl):

Perc. Search Term
4.93% kristopher dukes
2.41% christian louboutin shoes
2.11% fuck me
0.75% fuck me now
0.70% trashy lingerie
0.50% fuck you clothing
0.01% a site with a cute peace sign necklace

I’m feeling a touch touchy.

So touch me, give me a little love, wonder with me:

Can you believe someone searched for a “cute peace sign necklace” and landed here?

The motherfucking nerve of Google.

7 thoughts on “Someone Has a Potty Mouth

  1. babe.. you part of my daily routine.. part cause i hate all things girly with no reason-overly pinkish and part cause i googled: boss shoes and you came out. my fav shoe whore.

    loving ya,


  2. I can’t hold my slippery tongue any longer … and am going to be bossy dirt like KD herself. What will it take for me to do a 3-way with you and the Boy? I want in and I want in now.


  3. I ain’t no housewife either, but I do have 3 cats.

    Cats for kat, no? Makes sense to me.

    And I have an iBook. HPlease.

    Most people find my site by searching “cheap atlanta” if it’s any consolation.

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