Brian Atwood Shoes, in “F**k You” Red

Brian Atwood shoes $526,

Brian Atwood ShoesBetter to be a whore than a housewife:

One’s all fair trade and freedom, and the other’s a leash in the form of a shared bank account.

One’s all love making and passion, and the other is baby breeding punctuated with a yawn.

One’s all f**k-you Brian Atwood shoes in mad red, and the other is I – haven’t – been – f**ked – in – five – months terrycloth slippers stained with dull decaf drip from a chipped mug.


10 thoughts on “Brian Atwood Shoes, in “F**k You” Red

  1. I love how they show the heels with a conservative suit and bag, ha! They know they would look so much better on a model with bra and panties!!

  2. Jesus K…are there any shades of gray with you…why does everyhouse wife need to be miserable? I’m sure there are plenty of married hoe-bags out there.

  3. The only shades of gray I know are sparkly silver eyeshadows used as a base for my upscale escort, smoked eyes.

    As for happily married hoe bags, you think this is the 21st century and women are free to work and be financially independent and marry whom they please?

    You may be on to something. I will consult with my priest, next time we are in bed.


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  5. Love love love Bryan Atwood! His platform pumps and platform booties are the most gorgeous ever, IMO

    But… um… I’m not really on board with the housewife portrayal. How about the fashionable housewives who don’t even own a pair of *shudder* terrycloth slippers, have equally fashionable kids and a healthy sex life? Getting married doesn’t mean embracing cliches and sloppiness.

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