Christian Louboutin Shoes with Bow

Christian Louboutin Shoes with Bow
With Halloween hung over, it’s time to prep presents for Kwanzanukkah, to play selfless, to —

Gift those who gift you richly the best.

It’s just good business.

But before your buying spree, invest in a something for yourself, like these two-tone bowed Christian Louboutin shoes. All boss black and serious satin, these Christian Louboutin shoes bow-tie yourself into your own gift.

The ambitious arch will have you watch your walk into your meeting.

And kill it.

» Christian Louboutin shoes with bow $925, Net-a-Porter

38 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin Shoes with Bow

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  4. Absolutely love them. They are great holiday fun. I think instead of the cute black cocktail dress for the holidays, I think sporting this classically sheik shoe with the bow in the back with some kind of colorful sexy dress will turn eyes. I’m not much for bows, but I think the bow in the back works. It reminds me of a bussle. It’s just fabulous. Anyway, have you heard of the Glamour One Month Makeover? If you sign up you get great tips on fashion and beauty and a chance to win a 3-Day Trip with a friend to L.A. with airfare & hotel included. Doesn’t it sound great? Here’s the link: . I work with glamour so I have the inside scoop.

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  7. I wish I could afford these beautiful sexy stilettos!! Do you or anyone you know own a pair? How comfy are they? I tend to find that high-end stilettos are more comfy than their much more affordable counterparts.
    I\’ve just picked up a pair of these lovely ankle boots, and I hate to wear tights… what would you suggest I wear with these? They\’re from Browns in Toronto, and I thought you might like the way they look.
    Thank you Kristopher – Love Love LOVE your taste!



  8. I tried these on at Barney’s in SF. Because they have no platform in the toe bed they are almost impossible to even stand in, something to consider. And Barney’s had incredibly limited sizes in everything I wanted to try on! I guess I commented a few months too late tho. :(

  9. a friend of mine seen these shoes on ebay and just fall in love with them but we knew it they had been brought.. so i was wondering where abouts we could find them either online or instore but the only thing is that we live in MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA.. are they even avabilable over here yet???
    if someone could please let me know by emailing me on we would be very thankfull. Madeline.

  10. hopefully someone can help me out im looking for the anemone christian louboutin shoe but the one with the feathers they r absolutely gorgeous despite what other may think .. can anyone help please email me if you know where to find them via … THANKS!!!!!

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