Missoni Lattice Belt

Missoni Lattice BeltYou could play safe, loop your life around a comfortable circle: settle for a mate, for a nine-to-five, for what everyone supposes everyone else wants.

Or you could play passionately, build a life of real right angles: menage with men and women who inspire you, climb ambitious heights on a self-styled ladder, make your own world of unique beauty.

So pick: mom jeans and getting belted into boring, or this Missoni lattice belt barely caging your creativity.

One’s risque and risky.

One’s plain scary.

ยป Missoni lattice belt $1,486, Net-a-Porter

8 thoughts on “Missoni Lattice Belt

  1. I saw that a while ago and completely fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I’m barely over 5ft, weigh 100 lbs on a full stomach and fully clothed, so that belt would wear me , instead of me wearing it…so, I admire from a distance and envy those that can carry it off.

  2. Totally resembles a torture device.

    Looks like it’d be torture to get off when you’re trying to get off.

    Dukes, you’re totally rubbing off on me.

  3. I’m just gonna acknowledge how great this is and deny myself the pleasure of expressing all the disgusting thoughts that this contraption brings to mind. You naughty Krissi you.

    -Z’maji @ hauteblogxoxo.wordpress.com

  4. I love this belt. I want to wear it with a sext shift and sexy shoes. I don’t like the other version that goes over the breast. And I guess buyers don’t either, because it doesn’t retail anywhere besides Missoni.

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