SURevolution Leaf Bracelet

SURevolution leaf bracelet $285,
SURevolution bracelet

This new year, take organic matter and man-make it your own.

This new year, shape the world into tools for your own pleasure and profit.

This new year, resolve to bend reality to your will, to build yourself into the person you want to be, and–

Only bother with “green” when it refers to cash.

Happy New Year, lovelies.


3 thoughts on “SURevolution Leaf Bracelet

  1. Thank you for reading, as always. Here’s to the happiest new year, full of resolutions:

    Be a bitch. Not everyone deserves respect.

    Be more vain. It typically goes hand in hand with health.

    Be a slut. Orgasms boost the immune system.


    I’m grabbing another soy latte. BRB

  2. The anti-spam word this time was so appropriate.

    You’re the boss lady, Krissy. The one that inspires us all to drink soy lattes, smoke up our eyes to the max, and be catty with the Boy(s).

    Wish you the best in the New Year too!

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