Fendi Shoes, Studded Platforms

Fendi shoes $912 $511, eLUXURY.com
Fendi Shoes
Shoes just aren’t pretty things to prance in.

Shoes are a platform for your life: shoes should be ambitiously arched so you watch your walk, shoes should be built on a thick soul to cushion gritty paths, shoes should have a f**k-you heel at an odd, right angle so people know you’re different.

Shoes should also be half off.

Kind of like your panties are, half the time.

15 thoughts on “Fendi Shoes, Studded Platforms

  1. Oh look, Fendi actually made a decent “soon-to-be item of my affections”, that doesn’t have their monogram plastered all over the side of it. Brilliant!

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  11. Ballbusters indeed! These are literally capable of busting balls for good! Which is why as a male I find them very much a turn-on!

    Shoes are very much part of a woman’s projected persona and as a male I can tell you that we fantasize a personality that matches a woman’s visually projected persona. I would certainly want the lady who wore these to be as feisty as the shoes suggest; the threat of having one’s masculinity nullified is added spice in any sexual encounter. Men may feel protective towards those weaker, but make no mistake, men respect power above all else. In this case, the fact that she doesn’t go beyond a playful kick is a sort of proof that (for now) she actually likes the guy.

    Personally I don’t think that they should be half off! I would find the feel of those cold metal studs against the bare flesh of my legs, and particularly in the pit at the back of my knees, an added physical and psychological high in the final moments of the sex act; there would be no mistaking that the lady whose face you were gazing into was the one that was in charge!


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