On the Cheap. What Your K Is…



Exotic, but cheap. Similar to those 900-number chicks in the back of LA Weekly — only sexier…



An LBD all about how you accessorize. I prefer arm candy hot and old enough to be my father…



“Cheap” isn’t just a price tag. Remember that when you’re flipping through LA Weekly‘s back ads…


11 thoughts on “On the Cheap. What Your K Is…

  1. That necklace is awful. I think it says a lot that I made a necklace out of pop tabs and hemp when I was 15. I learned my lesson — pop tabs should be reserved for pop cans only — it’s amazing that some people seem to have missed that one.

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  9. Speaking of accessorizing, I think that I am old enough to be your arm Kandy. You wouldn’t need to go cheap and chic either.


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