Sunnies K Is…

Coco de Mer thong


I love Porsche. I had a tour of their store in Two Rodeo, and discovered Porsche actually designs everything with its name stamped on it. Like all their ish, there’s a real elegance in the economy of these sunnies’ design…

FitFlop Thongs


You get what you pay for, but what’s costing you more than rent for these sunnies is less gold plate and ebony wood, and more marketing. Though Tom Ford is beautiful, and I do feel honored to contribute to his Botox fund…

NARS makeup


Built by the man who created Jackie O’s original glammy glasses. I found these at Hotel de Ville, which also carries Aristotle Onassis’s frames. I’m buying those next, and the two glasses can sit on my dresser and fight over money…


6 thoughts on “Sunnies K Is…

  1. It ain’t his Botox you’re helping buy it’s more coke and go-go boys that trick for room and board……Tom Ford makes my balls itch!

  2. The Porsche products are great and shopping in the Rodeo Drive store where the sales associates are sooo nice is a pleasure. So go forth and shop at Porsche a 2 Rodeo!

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