NARS Orgasm Makeup K Is…

NARS Orgasm nail polish


I prefer to paint my toe nails nude and indiscreet, as chick feet are ugly outside of five-inch shoes that retail for $600. But a touch of Orgasm changes most anything. At least for five minutes after…

NARS Super Orgasm Blush


NARS Super Orgasm blush is what life should look like: a pretty flush from a happy achievement flecked with gold. To get a similar look making money instead of spending it, you know what to do…

NARS Orgasm The Multiple


I’m only hating The Multiple Orgasm because I ran out. For your eyes, lips, cheeks, this stick is much prettier than most similarly named things that end up all over a chick’s face…

7 thoughts on “NARS Orgasm Makeup K Is…

  1. Everyone appreciates an orgasm, particularly since there are so many lovely ways to achieve. My personal favorite is the blush/bronze duo with Laguna… two tricks for the price of one.

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