Kristopher In Angeleno

Kristopher Dukes in Angeleno
Despite most of Los Angeles thinking I’m a foreign exchange student, I’m in December’s Angeleno.

Thanks to Carlota at Hautelook for the lovely quote.

Says Angeleno:

A sassy, brassy 24-year-old style blogger with a cult readership of hardcore shoppers and an unrivaled ability to pinpoint trends, anoint designers and disappoint publicists.

“She writes something that really interests people, and the brands know this, so they see out [her approval],” says Carlota Espinosa of private-sale site

I’m flattered, only now it’ll be harder to lie about my age.

Let’s pretend I already did.

Honesty about that sort of stuff is for feminists too ugly to marry rich.

Of course, I mean ugly on the inside.

Because that’s what happens to your heart if you pretend you’re above Botox.

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