Nude Nails K Is…

Nude Nails with Essie Iced Chai Latte


Shimmery silver, matte gray, satin black equals yawn. Skip the predictable “dark shades for fall” VOGUEism, and give yourself gorgeous mannequin hands with a nice nude polish.

The trick is, of course, to find a shade that perfectly blends into your skin…

Nude Nails with Trind


A good manicure will make people say you have beautiful hands, not wonder what shade of polish you’re wearing.

I’ve been visiting Ripsy’s Nails in Beverly Hills. Ripsy turned me onto the Trind nail system, which promises you perfect nude nails, sans any polish…

Nude Nails with Serge Lutens Nail Polish


$65 is ridick for nail polish, even if, according to, the shade is “pure and heavenly… simply an extension of perfection with a Natural finish.”

Take it from a chick who spends $200 on a mani/pedi — save your dough…

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