Marlies Dekkers Bras K Is…

Marlies Dekkers Bra


I love all those extra straps, creating space to highlight your skin.  Luscious detailing is luxury, so is enjoying something alone — wear this under a simple, subtle shift dress, so the pleasure of this Marlies Dekkers bra is all yours…

Marlies Dekkers Bra, Halo


Flock-print halos and stars add richness typical of Marlies Dekkers detailing.

Besides all that, this Marlies Dekkers bra just makes your breasts look better.

Click over and check out the corset-laced back of this Marlies Dekkers bra…

Marlies Dekkers Bra, Plaid


I love the graphicness of Marlies Dekkers bras, but I think this yellow plaid — sweet as it is, as against those striped straps — distracts from the craftsman ship of the bra.

Hell, I’d wear it still…

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