Vintage Whiting & Davis Gate-Top Bags K Is…

Vintage Whiting & Davis Gate-Top Silver Mesh Bag


This vintage Whiting & Davis bag is called a gate-top bag, a beggar’s bag, or an accordion-cap bag. I became obsessed with these vintage Whiting & Davis bags when I saw one in college.

This fine mesh silver Whiting & Davis bag is collectible quality. If I ever find one like it, I’m buying…

Vintage Whiting & Davis Silver Gate-Top Mesh Purse


This gate-top Whiting & Davis bag is circa 1930s-40s; the one above is probably Victorian. Either way, the accordion opening of these vintage Whiting & Davis bags never fail to amuse me…

Vintage Whiting & Davis Gold Mesh Gate-Top Handbag


That fringe styles this vintage Whiting & Davis bag old lady. I could see some aged beast in Vegas clutching this…

19 thoughts on “Vintage Whiting & Davis Gate-Top Bags K Is…

  1. I have a W & D gold gate top purse that I gave to my bridesmaids in 1970. I neever knew that it was a vintage style. I am not selling but would like to know what it is worth.

  2. I have the Renee Adoree bag which was released in the 1970’s. Had no idea this was a special bag until I saw one of the other of the series of 4 on ebay. Need to sell. Last info I can get on a sale was in 2006 – sold for $2124. Any suggestions as to who best to contact.

  3. I have a friend who has the other 3 purses in this series, and is so wanting the Renee. Don’t know how to get in contact with you.

  4. I recently had one of these gate top silver mess bags stolen and it belonged to my grandmother. I would be really interested if you could let me know if you have one of these bags, how much they are etc because i dont hold much hope of getting the original back . Thankyou.

  5. i recently got a gold mesh gate top purse at a thrisft store for 3.99 it has the name whiting and davis printed on the sleeve inside, however the shoulder strap is gold leather. do you think this is authentic. are there fakes . how to tell if real?

  6. I have one similar to the “Wanting” picture but a bit more elaborate. Has a skirt with attached silver balls. The cap of the gate top is a compact and inside is a small powder puff with attached ribbon bow. It is stamped as Whiting & Davis and “Patent Pending”. The patent for the gate top was applied for in 1915 and issued that same year. Will sell for the right price. If interested contact

  7. I have had this Sterling Silver Gated Bag and have decided to now let some add to their collection. Gated bag is all original with Faceted Amethyst Stone as a wonderful accent that is so eye catching.
    Purse is in excellent condition and with no repairs. It has been in my personal collection for over 35 years.
    If interested contact

  8. I am wanting to know if anyone out there knows where I can find bags and/or purses with the label of Alentino, not Valentino. I had bought one for my mother over twenty years and she gets a lot of compliments from this piece and it already looks vintage. I do not remember where I had gotten this piece. I think it was a Dillards’s store in Lubbock, Texas.

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