Alstermo Bruk Luggage K Is…

Alstermo Bruk Attaché Case


I love that sapphire blue of this Alstermo Bruk attache. Only issue? It’s basically a box lined in linen, so I’m not sure how my MacBook would do in there…

Alstermo Bruk Cabin Trolley


I finally got my Alstermo Bruk cabin case. Alstermo Bruk began before Globe Trotter luxury luggage and it’s got the same vibe, for a third of the price: handcrafted, ultra-light elegance. Alstermo Bruk’s AMO-fiber®, the patented material their luggage is made out of, is better than I thought: it’s got a subtle, snakeskinny texture…

Alstermo Bruk Briefcase


Cute briefcase, but Alstermo Bruk’s best work is in their AMO-fiber®

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