Maggie Ward K Is…

Maggie Ward Silk Jumpsuit


When most designers do very-ready-to-wear in rich materials, it comes off cute. Like a cashmere hoodie? Winky wink. But Maggie Ward gets it: luxe, loose jumpsuits like this aren’t about being clever, but smart: such a simple design showcases the super fine fabrics Maggie Ward uses. I met John Ward, the designer, in their LA loft. He works very hard to make styling chic very easy…

Maggie Ward Silk Harem Pants


I can count on one hand how often in a year I wear pants, but I’m obsessed with Maggie Ward silk sweat pants. Maggie Ward sent me a pair, and I’m living in them. In a sueded silk, Maggie Ward silk sweat pants are unsurprisingly comfortable, and surprisingly flattering. These are better than wearing air…

Maggie Ward Charmeuse Harem Pants


I’m only hating these Maggie Ward silk sweats in silver because I don’t own them (yet). There are few brands I’m a whore for — lingerie by Marlies Dekkers, shoes by Giuseppe, porn by the Japanese — and Maggie Ward is one of them. These silk sweatpants are future iconics…

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