Power Plates K Is…

PowerPlate Pro 5

Wanting: Pre-Owned Power Plates

Power Plates are amazing vibrators that get your entire body hot. Power Plates use whole body vibration to contract muscles 30-50 times per second. If you stand on the machine for 10 minutes a day, three times a week, you’ll improve bone density, increase your overall health, and lose weight. Because you’ll also become richer and younger and have a bigger penis, the machines sell for five figures. Check Craigslist to buy a used Power Plate for about $5,000…

PowerPlate Blue Clay Fitness

Using: A Gym with a Power Plate

Power Plates are a luxury — not because of their price tag, but because of the time they’ll save you. Blue Clay Fitness gyms offer Plower Plate training, and you can get your first Power Plate training session for free. I just signed up for a free Power Plate session, so I can test one out. Find a Power Plate in your area

PowerPlate my5

Hating: Power Plate by Kenzo Takada

Power Plate my5 is chicked up, thanks to designer Kenzo Takada. Wince at the color, wince at the $2,000 premium. Let’s also stick a Hello Kitty decal on my Porsche and pretend that makes it faster…

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