Mara Hoffman Coats K Is…

Mara Hoffman Coat

Wanting: Mara Hoffman Hooded Zip Coat

Mara Hoffman makes some wonderful and wack womenswear; where she excels are coats. I love this Mara Hoffman coat, with a hood that falls into a shawl collar. It’s from fall 2007, I’m on the hunt…

Mara Hoffman Coat width=

Wearing: Mara Hoffman Hooded Wrap Coat

As much as I dig you, I didn’t want to tell you I bought this hooded Mara Hoffman coat last winter in SoHo. Every time I sport it, I get stopped: with a wrap belt and a shawl collar, it’s so comfortably glam. I’ve had it copied into two other materials, so I have one for every season…

Mara Hoffman Coat

Hating: Mara Hoffman Hooded Kimono Coat

It looks like Sex & The City vomited on this Mara Hoffman hooded coat…

20 thoughts on “Mara Hoffman Coats K Is…

  1. KD – I *love* that you find a garment that works for you then have it reconstructed in other fabrics. Who on earth is your tailor? xx

  2. Those first two coats are great. Just out of curiosity, what are the other fabrics you had it copied into?

  3. Wow! Print, pattern, plupem: Perfect! Why do I feel like Bruno from DWTS?! You look gorgeous in these pics, that dress really suits you:) Rosa’s photos are lovely as per usual!

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