Brian Atwood “Candy” Sandal in Black


Brian Atwood Slingback Candy
I’m over extra-padded, peepshow-style platforms. As much as I love a little Beyonce theater, real style is about choosing fashion that frames your beauty, not distracts from it. So I dig Brian Atwood “Candy” sandals — the shoe’s minimalist architecture isn’t about distracting glitz, but making your leg longer. You’ve got to have at least one heel high enough to style your leg a straight line from the tips of your toes to your thigh — that’s heaven.

3½” of stiletto won’t do that, though. Skip this version of Brian Atwood “Candy” sandals in black, and buy the taller Brian Atwood “Candy” sandal in white, for less dough. If five inches of pure stiletto sounds intimidating, buy the shoe anyway, and wear it around your room, without anyone or anything else…

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