Urban Outfitters Silk T-Shirt Dress


Urban Outfitters Silk T-Shirt DressI’m over VOGUE‘ing, I’ve got no appetite for fleeting fashion. There’s little left to edit out of my closet: I only sport a silk jersey tank dress I’ve had made into a billion different colors, a hooded, shawl-neck coat in cotton or wool, and either an Hermes Kelly Danse or an Hermes Herbag (a Birkin’s boring). The only thing I’ve been lusting for, besides having a few more shirt dresses made, is a T-shirt dress I can copy into silk.

Unfortunately, it must be in this fashion to be over fashion, because everyone is pimping a silk T-shirt dress, including Urban Outfitters…

8 thoughts on “Urban Outfitters Silk T-Shirt Dress

  1. I can fully understand the “over vogue’ing” part, but I could not just wear the same thing every day! Okay, so I have had a few of my favourite skirts copied (in silk coincidently), but what I wear on any given day reflects how I feel (and sometimes what time of the month it is..). I need variety in life!

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