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Nomade Exquis Jewelry Nomade Exquis is a collection of fingerprint-unique, vintage jewelry curated by Mo Clancy. Nomade Exquis’s beginnings are as organic as the jewelry vibes: a former trendcaster, Mo started collecting the antique jewelry out of a passion for modernist, brutalist, and biomorphic pieces from the 1950-1970s .

Mo charmed me at lunch months ago. She shared that one of the artists behind Nomade Exquis’s collection used such harsh methods to create his brutalist jewelry that only deaf people could be employed at his factory…

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  7. To whom it may concern: About the three gold plate enamel necklaces illustrated above:
    I am the designer of these necklaces. Please identify correctly.
    In other pages of your site, you mention Kristopher Dukes as being the designer of
    the necklaces. Please correct immediately.
    However, my necklaces were well identified in ELLE magazine, Jan. 2010 issue, p. 39………Thanks for your prompt attention, Yours truly,
    Micheline de Passillé-Sylvestre, designer
    de Passillé-Sylvestre Inc.

  8. Sorry, I found the real mistake:
    It is in the ELLE section …page 11 of 18: Covetable Jewellery
    My three gold plate enamel necklaces are identified under the name of
    Luciano from Nomade Exquis. (photo:courtesy of the designer)
    and not Kristopher Dukes)

    It should have been: Micheline de Passillé-Sylvestre (designer)
    from : de Passillé-Sylvestre Inc

    Thank you, best regards…………..Micheline de Passillé-Sylvestre

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