Diane von Furstenberg Mongolian Fur Jacket


Diane von Furstenberg Indina Mongolian Fur JacketThis Diane von Furstenberg “Indina” jacket reminds me of a ’20s starlet’s monkey jacket.

Only Diane von Furstenberg doesn’t respect animals enough to use them in her designs.

Shame on you, Ms. von Furstenberg.

This Mongolian fur may be faux, but the Aloha Rag sale I got it from in Honolulu is real and alive…

3 thoughts on “Diane von Furstenberg Mongolian Fur Jacket

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  3. I think I would do just about anything for that coat. I’ve been trying to find one in a XL or XXL. If any one knows where I can find one fora decent price PLEASE let me know! Wish me luck on finding one!

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