Kent Double-Sided Clothing Brush


Kent Clothing Brush /></a> I thought a black German Shepherd named Major Dukes would go well with vintage Hermes bags, silk jersey tank dresses, and five-inch Giuseppes. And he does.</p> <p>Major digs my uniform -- he's licked my Giuseppe suede boots during dinner, rubbed his nose into my made-to-order wrap coat, and got me to pocket dog treats in my Louis Vuitton Mack.</p> <p>Considering the Louis Vuitton Mack can't be laundered, I should invest in <a title=I thought a black German Shepherd named Major Dukes would go well with vintage Hermes bags, an all-black 911, and five-inch heels. And he does.

Major digs my uniform — he’s licked my Giuseppe suede boots during dinner, rubbed his nose into my made-to-order wrap coat, and got me to pocket dog treats in my Louis Vuitton Mack.

Maybe I should invest in a Kent double-sided clothing brush

27 thoughts on “Kent Double-Sided Clothing Brush

  1. It is amazing how you manage to turn the companionship of our beloved four-legged friends into a superficial experience.

    *sigh* Values gone awry

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  10. Please, Ms. Chrisitne.

    A chick wearing Giuseppes, a Louis Mack, and carrying an Hermes Kelly takes me to potty.

    She’s my fashion accessory.

  11. It’d be better if one were sruqae, the other round or one were blue, the other black. The requirement to read and parse the difference interrupts the flow. It might create a different experience, but its poor (maybe too strong a word?) usability could easily cause frustration, shame, embarrassment (after throwing an empty Diet Coke can into the trash bin, then reading the text, one might be embarrassed especially if a stylist points it out to her).

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