Custom Porsche Dog Car Seat


Custom Porsche Dog Car Seat

My 911 had two backseats with a hump between them, making it an unsafe drive for Major Dukes and my car’s leather. After Googling hard for a dog car seat to fit a Porsche, nothing surfaced. So Rob Phillips at Phillips & Co. Hotrods built a custom ledge for Major to ride on. Now Major can nap safely while he’s driven around in a Porsche by a hot chick in Giuseppes.

Major’s the Jay-Z of dogs…

9 thoughts on “Custom Porsche Dog Car Seat

  1. Oh, only you, KD! I love, love, love your insatiable desire to customize everything you own to your personal exquisite standards!

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  5. Nice work

    I’m THIS close to doing something similar in my 944 Turbo. Thinking of removing the rear seats and carpeting flat (using 968 Clubsport parts), then fitting a combined roll cage and dog guard.

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