Trind Nail Care System


Trind Nail Care System

Over a year ago, I scheduled my first $200 manicure and pedicure with Ripsy (“You want an appointment for tomorrow? Do you know who I am?”). Ripsy, the natural nail Nazi in 90210 and a former violinist from the USSR, gave me the best mani/pedi I’ve ever had. Ripsy also gave me some advice: “If you don’t bother putting on this Trind cuticle balsam four times a day and this Trind nail strengthener every other day, I will know when I see you next week, and I don’t want to waste my time working with you.”

Three more Ripsy appointments plus a year later, I didn’t want to waste my time on Trind nail care anymore. And within months my nails went from naturally perfect to brittle and broken.

Ripsy’s cackling to herself, because I just reinvested in bottles of Trind Nail Repair strengthener and Trind Cuticle Repair balsam, and I’m following the Trind nail rejuvenation program, a slight variation on Ripsy’s recipe for beautiful nails.

(Rispy, if you’re reading this, you’re actually very charming and I’ve never met anyone else as passionate and knowledgeable about nails. Please take me back…)

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