Rimowa Special Edition “Topas” Suitcase


Rimowa Special Edition Topas SuitcaseI’ve a thing for classic hardcase luggage — it romanticizes an era when the journey was supposed to be as glamorous as the destination.

I usually carry-on Alstermo Bruk, handcrafted Swedish luggage that’s similar to Globe-Trotter — it’s essentially a fancy, empty, expensive cardboard box.

But I’ve always loved Rimowa, which has more function and as much form as Alstermo and Globe-Trotter. German goods store Manufactum collab’ed with Rimowa on a special-edition “Topas” suitcase that revives details from the original 1950’s “Topas” suitcases: handles made of cowhide, polished corner reinforcements, and black Rimowa-branded lining…