Zero Halliburton 21″ Carry-On


Zero Halliburton 21-inch Carry-On

I snagged a new Zero Halliburton 21″ carry-on from Craigslist for two Benjies. The plan was to gift it or let it be my German Shepherd Major Dukes‘s suitcase, but it’s so superior to my Alstermo Bruk luggage that I’ve decided Major should share.

Here’s what I’ve packed into it for my trip to New York this week: Marlies Dekkers panties, silk jersey tank dresses, bespoke linen shirt dresses, Donna Karan Collection snakeskin sandals, an Hermès Kelly Danse, a bottle of L’Artisan Parfumeur Tubereuse, an iPad and keyboard dock, and a few dog biscuits for Major (live chickens don’t travel well)…

3 thoughts on “Zero Halliburton 21″ Carry-On

  1. I don’t see you with that suitcase. I see you with a box from Trader Joes with black tape around it…that would really be a Fashion Statement. Forget all the named brand BULL SHIT. The ZERO luggage is not at all in fashion any longer.
    Plus the case is very fragile….like your personality.

  2. i don’t about fragile…that luggage floats, my grandmother had the whole line even the makeup case, and you can find it in thrift stores if you are smart so pffft to name brand haters…

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