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Virtual Post Mail

I’ve hunted for a good way digitalize my snail mail for ages. Earth Class Mail is the best known online postal mail service, but last I checked everyone hates Earth Class Mail for its slowness and price. Zumbox wants to effectively give every brick-and-mortar mailbox its own email address, but then your traditional mail problems — receiving junk and having to change your address — just get digitalized.

Virtual Post Mail is the first online postal mail service to make sense. You’re stuck with an address in Walnut, CA — no, I didn’t move north — but you’ll receive your mail fast and securely. You log into –which vibes like Apple’s — to see scans of the front and back of your mail. You can then have your mail opened and scanned, forwarded, shredded, or some combination of the three. While using VirtualPostMail, I received a bajillion-page document, and Virtual Post Mail actually called to ask if I wanted it scanned or shipped overnight. (Service? Go fig.) Virtual Post Mail is a perfect way to get the privacy of a PO box with the convenience of email, and convince ex-toyfriends you moved to Walnut.

Where is that city, anyway…

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  1. Mkay, maybe I’m not like, a super genius, but I don’t get the point of this. Is it meant to be if you’re travelling and you need to check your mail on the regular when you’re not home? Or is it more secure to recieve mail like this?

  2. Being tied down can be nice, but being tied down to a physical location is boring. That’s what Virtual Post Mail is for. It also keeps a nice archive of all of your mail, and gives you the same security as a regular PO box.


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