The Face Shop BB Cream SPF 25 PA ++


The Face Shop BB Cream SPF 25 PA ++
Koreatown’s eyelash extension expert Sun Lee got me jacked up about BB cream, a tinted “blemish balm” cream Korean starlets obsess over.  My vanity is only matched by my laziness, so I loved the idea of replacing my  moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation with a single product. I tripped over to the Face Shop, a chain of natural beauty boutiques popular in South Korea, and bought a BB cream that gives good, easy coverage. Unfortunately, the sales chick explained I should use toner and moisturizer before applying BB cream.

So BB cream is Korean for “a tinted sunscreen which is one of many aids to Korean starlets’ natural beauty, including but not limited to toner, moisturizer, and scalpels.”

저는 한국말 잘못 í•´ìš”…

3 thoughts on “The Face Shop BB Cream SPF 25 PA ++

  1. Read about this BB cream. Ok so you still have to use a moisturizer so its a tinted sunscreen…hmmm guess I will just stick to my Laura Mercier then.

  2. You should stick with Missha BB creams or Skinfood. I use Missha M Perfect Cover in conjucntion with Skin79 Plus Gold Label, both of which I dont need to use toner and moisturizer for. They’re usually moisturizing enough by itself. Pretty sure the sales chick was trying to upsell you.

  3. I love bb cream! i have a hard time finding foundations that are fair enough and not pink or orange. bb cream rules! i use the Dr Jart silver label bb cream spf 35. the desaturated greyish color actually works really well for me. it gives me coverage without giving me color. i also have the missha bb cream. and i still love foundations like diorskin nude and chanel mat lumiere and mufe hd and nars sheer glow. but i like bb cream for getting ready fast. instead of layering foundation over my shiseido urban environment uv spf. I also love that bb cream doesn’t smell like sunscreen like my laura mercier tinted moisturizer does and it also offers more coverage then the laura mercier tinted moisturizer. i also do not regularly use moisturizer, normally toner is enough for me.

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