Hermes Silk Scarf “De Passage A Tokyo”


Hermes Silk Scarf De Passage A Tokyo

Sometimes my burgundy, bed-head bob is more pure poodle than cleverly disheveled. The days I’m a dog lady too lazy to tame my bob, I slick it back in a paintbrush-stub ponytail.

I know.

A head scarf could be better, but an Hermes silk scarf a la Jackie O felt too obvious.

And then I saw this Hermes silk scarf, “De Passage A Tokyo”: its seemingly simple skyline sketch shows off the rich color Hermes scarves are known for, with its subtle rainbow of reds.

And then I realized this Hermes “De Passage A Tokyo” silk scarf was already sold.

I knew Hermes scarves were too obvious.

Not like my carefully concealed disappointment…

One thought on “Hermes Silk Scarf “De Passage A Tokyo”

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