Make Up For Ever Waterproof, Creaseproof Eyeshadow


Make Up For Ever Waterproof, Creaseproof Eyeshadow I’ve been carefully smudging on smoky eye makeup every day since high school.

Yep, three whole years. Wink.

The only way I’ve managed to make my smoky eye last without creasing is by caking on powder foundation as an eyeshadow base.  But one of my hobbies is wasting exorbitant amounts of time trying to save time. So after hours of sifting through online reviews, I tried Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream, a waterproof, creaseproof eyeshadow and blush.

Despite Honolulu’s humidity, two types of Shiseido eye cream, and a red-eye flight, I arrived in Los Angeles at 5 am with a face perfect —

For a pretty woman…

One thought on “Make Up For Ever Waterproof, Creaseproof Eyeshadow

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