Pong Radiation-Reducing iPhone 4 Case by Case-Mate


PongSo I’m a 20-something chick. And I blog about Italian heels, creaseproof eyeshadow, and rechargeable power nail files for a living.  But I also blog about how to remove spyware from your computer, run Kristopher Dukes, Inc. (my sexual harassment suit against myself has been settled). and tie Hermes scarves around my German Shepherd.

So I’m not as superficial as you might assume. In fact, I’ve chosen to use Case-Mate’s extremely ugly Pong radiation-reducing iPhone 4 case, which features the only technology proven by FCC-certified labs to reduce cell radiation while keeping your phone’s full signal strength.

You see, I cherish my pretty little brain above anything.

Because without it, I wouldn’t be able to put as much money and time into improving my face…

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