Francois Pinton “Jacky” Sunglasses


Francois Pinton Jacky Sunglasses

My blogging’s been slow, and it’s partly because I’m recovering from LASIK surgery.

Sure, I had painless, perfect vision within five hours after lasers seared my eyeballs, but now I’ve got to get through three months without any eye makeup, including eyelash extensions.


So I’ve taken to wearing my Francois Pinton “Jacky” sunglasses even more, which, paired with walking my German shepherd Major Dukes, means strangers startle when they realize I can totally see what they’re doing.

Dude, seriously…

3 thoughts on “Francois Pinton “Jacky” Sunglasses

  1. you got lasik?! ahhh i’m so jealous!

    i’ve been dying to get it for a while, but i need to wait until my eyes become more stable :/

    in the meantime, at least you have such a posh pair of sunglasses to make up for the lack of eye makeup ;]

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