Physician’s Formula SPF 50 Powder Foundation


Physicians Formula SPF 50 Powder FoundationGhetto and fab beauty products at the drugstore beat the bland of Sephora any day. I’ve experimented with glue-on false nails, retired my Clarisonic in favor of Garnier face wipes and aspirin scrubs, and rarely know what brand lip gloss I’m wearing  But I’d never cheap out on foundation.

Until I saw bright orange packaging pimping Physician’s Formula SPF 50 powder foundation while buying eye drops.

SPF 50?

Since I’m a blink away from wearing white gloves to protect my porcelain hands while I chauffeur my German Shepherd around in my 911, I’ll try anything SPF 50.

So I tried Physician’s Formula SPF 50 powder foundation.  And while it’s not as refined as Givenchy’s formula, or dynamic as Senna Mineral Mix powder foundation, it’s only $15, and smooth enough that no one will know.

Especially if you’re a psycho like me that layers it with Laboratoire Remede Translucent UV Coat SPF 30 and Shiseido
Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Cream Whitening Formula.

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