JP Morgan Palladium Card


JP Morgan Palladium Card

When most of the beauty of this world is contained in my mind’s eye — and an iPhone — , there’s not much point to getting physical with anything. Rhett Butler’s “My dear…” sounds the same in my head whether the words are printed or not, I see the Joker crash Bruce Wayne’s penthouse party as clearly on an iPad or a movie screen, and a dollar bill feels more like Monopoly money than Paypal or plastic.

Few things have more literal than figurative weight.

But one of them is Chase’s JP Morgan Palladium card

JPM Palladium Card Details:

  • Minted out of palladium and 23k gold, and laser engraved with your signature.
  • Annual fee of $595 (the Palladium card’s metal alone is worth more).
  • No annual spending minimum (unlike AmEx’s Centurion black card).
  • No foreign transaction fees.
  • Only offered to private banking clients.

JPM Palladium Card Benefits:
The benefits guide book is 57 pages long. So here are the cheat notes:

  • Concierge service that rivals AmEx’s Centurion’s, providing “a virtually limitless array of unique offers, time-saving conveniences and personalized insider expertise.”
  • Unlimited complimentary access to 600+ global airport lounges
  • First-class upgrade for any full-fare, non-restricted, round-trip business ticket from US to London via British Airways.
  • Free companion ticket for each full-fare, non-restricted, round-trip business class ticket from US to anywhere British Airways flies.
  • A free hour of flight time with the purchase of your first 25-hour jet card for Marquis Jet Perks.
  • Part of the Chase Ultimate Rewards program (2 points per dollar spent on travel, 1 point per dollar everywhere else, 35,000 bonus points after you spend $100,000 annually, and points have no expiration or cap).
  • Read more at “JP Morgan Palladium Card Exposed.”

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