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  1. I pray the MS companies are rendaig these blogs. There are similar issues being discussed everywhere. They have to stop talking down to shoppers, reducing the fees and adding work after you take a shop. This will make good shoppers move on and fill the industry with people who really don’t care about the industry or the clients.Someone suggested there be fewer companies. Unfortunately that is how the fees get lowered. No competition. As evidenced by the recent merger by SnC, CRI, SMI, & SGM. They are lowering fees drastically for shops the four companies had established and buying clients from other companies at lower fees. More is not always better.I have a rich history in field sales. Often sales companies out quoata or reduce commissions when reps start to make good money. This cleans out the company of high paying reps. Keeps the expenses for corporate low but they risk reducing sales. The concept is that they can get hungry young reps for cheaper. They will be hit and run sales reps but that doesn’t hurt corporate in the short term as long as they sell. MS seems to be looking at us in a similar way looking to newbies to take low paying jobs.MS companies need to be careful. Many sales forces have been totally undone and companies have gone under because they let their experienced reps down in favor of a cheaper solution only to lose revenue in the end.Silver certified, 5 year MS shopper

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